For pastors and leaders

Pastors and leaders

Welcome to Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. Explore what AMBS has for you with this guide to our workshops, seminars, webinars and publications. These resources are designed especially for people in ministry, so AMBS can be your source for life-long learning and nurture.

If you already have a ministry degree, here is where you can meet other pastors and continue to learn from professors. If you have been called to ministry without specific preparation, AMBS offers ministry training at different levels. If you are looking for resources for others in your congregation or organization, we have that, too. We encourage you to make use of all AMBS offers and to invite others to do the same.

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Non-degree learning
at the Church Leadership Center

Bible Short Courses

Bible short courses provide a way for people seeking to deepen their faith and spiritual understanding to engage the Biblical text. Participants explore Scripture with the help of biblical scholars and a community of learners seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is that by digging into scripture together participants will learn to know and love more deeply the Story of God's love, revealed in Jesus Christ, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, and given to us in the pages of the Bible.

The Circle Blog

The CircleThe latest post on Church Leadership Center blog, The Circle, comes from Dan Schrock. In "To Hunger and Thirst, But Not for Crocodile" he writes, "Christians usually don’t think of desire as fuel for Christian living. More likely we regard desire as something sordid to reject. . . . Yet well-ordered desire is an essential feature of God’s own life."

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