Leadership Education Fund

Donating to the annual Leadership Education Fund is a yearly investment in educating students at AMBS.

“Where needed most”

At AMBS, “where needed most” means supporting the financial, spiritual and environmental sustainability of the seminary.

We rely on our Leadership Education Fund to provide appropriate learning facilities, meaningful worship opportunities and creation-friendly practices.

A yearly investment

Leadership Education Fund gifts are yearly investments which ensure students have access to all the AMBS services they rely on—from the library to chapel services and composting.

Leadership Education Fund gifts directly impact students and enhance their freedom to learn. Currently, the average financial aid and scholarships awarded is more than 64% of total tuition. With your support, the percent of student borrowing has dropped from 20.4% of students in 2016 to only 6.5% of students borrowing in 2021.

Sustainability: Our three-fold commitment 

Contributions to our annual Leadership Education Fund support AMBS’s three-fold commitment to sustainability.

Financial sustainability

  • Innovative teaching and scholarship by our faculty
  • Extensive print and digital library resources
  • Facilities and technology that enhance learning
  • Generous need-based financial aid

Spiritual sustainability

Environmental sustainability

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