What is Christian nationalism?

As a resource to the church, AMBS is offering a webinar on Christian nationalism to provide practical tools for tough conversations.

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Political Idolatry: Countering Christian Nationalism

Join Drew Strait, PhD, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at AMBS, as he provides an overview of the destructive force of White Christian nationalism.

► Explore the political metaphor of idolatry in conversation with texts from the Old and New Testaments.
► Learn how Christian nationalism distorts our knowledge of God and neighbor.
► Use these practical tools to help with today’s tough conversations to bear witness to the gospel of peace.

Resources from the webinar

A working definition of Christian nationalism

With such a broad question, one place to start is by forming a working definition.

Christian nationalism, in short, is a worldview where one’s theological imagination is coopted by state power. It exchanges the church’s loyalty to the Lord of Peace for a false god fashioned by the myth of American exceptionalism.

In fact, Christian nationalism is a form of political idolatry that distorts our knowledge of God and neighbor through a xenophobic, racialized and militarized gospel that is at odds with the life and teachings of Jesus.

Ready to read a bit more about Christian nationalism?

In May 2022, Drew wrote “Our Moral Pandemic: Christian Nationalism and Political Idolatry,” which appears on the Sojourners website. In this piece, he outlines three steps for what Christians against White Christian nationalism can do right now.

In June 2021, Drew wrote a blog post for Mennonite Church USA’s MennoCon21 #BringThePeace series on “The Bible and Christian Nationalism.” In this piece, he offered four proposed actions for consideration.

An online short course with Drew

One of the best ways to get a glimpse into what peace and justice means is through our online short courses.

AMBS is offering Resisting Christian Nationalism with the Gospel of Peace, a short course that defines Christian nationalism and offers a biblical response for pastors and congregations. In conversation with texts from the Old and New Testaments, you will discuss how ancient faith communities negotiated and resisted political idolatry.

Special attention will be given to how political power can co-opt the mind of the worshiper, along with congregational strategies for disrupting white Christian nationalism’s influence in our communities.

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