Learning Tour — Encountering Egypt: Past and Present

Jan. 25 – Feb. 8, 2020

Explore history and experience the present in Egypt

From Jan. 25 to Feb. 8, 2020, join AMBS teaching faculty members Safwat Marzouk, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, and Drew Strait, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, as you explore unforgettable historic sites and learn about current challenges and triumphs of people who call Egypt home.

Participants on the 2016 Encountering Egypt learning tour.

The past

A Jewish community thrived in Egypt and left behind great theological and philosophical traditions that continue to inform Judaism. Christianity in Egypt — as old as Christianity itself — is preserved and expressed in the Coptic Orthodox tradition. Ancient churches, icons and the aroma of incense still witness to the faithfulness of the only Christian tradition that survived in North Africa. Since the emergence of Islam, Egypt has been a center for the study of the religion of the majority of the Arab countries. The call to prayer shouted from different mosques reminds hearers of the spirituality that is woven into the popular culture of ancient and contemporary Egyptians.

The present

In our times, Egypt has witnessed two revolutions in three years. The political situation reflects the reality of a people who seek justice, livelihood and freedom. Participants will encounter Christian and Muslim communities in order to fully experience and appreciate the voices of those who long for a better future.

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Tour leaders Dr. Safwat Marzouk and Dr. Drew Strait share what participants will encounter during the trip.