Invite Jamie Pitts

Jamie Pitts, PhD, is Associate Professor of Anabaptist Studies at AMBS.

Featured speaker and consultant

Through his teaching, research, and speaking, Jamie seeks to introduce learners to the dynamic relationship between Scripture and Spirit through deeper understanding of historic Anabaptist communities, migration experiences among Anabaptists, and Anabaptist movements throughout the world today. He is director of the Institute of Mennonite Studies, the publishing arm of AMBS, and editor of Anabaptist Witness, a journal read by Anabaptists around the world. 

Jamie grew up in the Episcopal Church and spent several years involved in charismatic churches. He came to know Anabaptism and Mennonites in southern California while studying at Fuller Theological Seminary. He earned an MDiv from Fuller in 2006 and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) in 2011. His most recent book is What Is God's Mission in the World and How Can We Join It?, co-authored with Juan Francisco Martínez. 

Jamie is fluent in Spanish and available to speak and teach in Spanish or English.

Possible topics:

  • Anabaptist History and Theology
  • Anabaptism today
  • The global church
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Baptism
  • Mission