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Our short courses cover a wide rage of content. While the courses below are not currently being offered, they may be offered again in the future.

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Participation, Power and Process: Why Polity Matters

This course will provide students with an overview of the structure, organization, governance, foundational documents, vision and goals, decision-making processes, leadership and identity markers of Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada. In this course, students will come to understand what polity is and why it matters.

We will consider strengths and challenges that arise in a Mennonite polity as the church makes decision and tends relationships among all the parts of the church. Students will also engage the question of how polity is shaped to support the church in mission. The overall goal of this course is to increase our awareness and understanding of the workings of the Mennonite Church, so that we may be more effective in our participation in and interactions with the church.

Engaging John Howard Yoder's Theology Today

Yoder is best known for his theological defense of Christian pacifism, but his contributions to Anabaptist Mennonite thought are wide-ranging -- from ecclesiology to eschatology.

This short course invites participants to discuss and evaluate for their relevance today some of Yoder’s writings on two topics:

  1. the nature and mission of the church, especially in relation to interchurch relations and to the changing global church and
  2. nonviolence, especially in relation to challenges from liberation theologies and from policing concerns.

This short course assumes that participants will already be generally familiar with The Politics of Jesus. Some attention will be given to the intersection of Yoder’s life and thought, including sexuality.

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