Shaping Faith in a Digital Culture

A joint conference of Pastors and Leaders 2020

and Deep Faith 

Pastors and Leaders 2020. Open Bible on a table with phone and headphones.

Monday, March 2, 7 p.m. — Thursday, March 5, 12:30 p.m.

How do we recognize the gospel in our digitally saturated culture? Join other pastors, lay leaders, formation leaders, youth leaders, parents, and educators as we attend to faith formation in the congregation and community.

The conference will feature Karen-Marie Yust, M.Div., Th.D., author of Real Kids, Real Faith and professor of Christian education at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia.

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Preachers and teachers

Karen-Marie YustKaren-Marie Yust, M.Div., Th.D., is professor of Christian education at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia and the author of Real Kids, Real Faith. Over two plenary sessions, Yust will draw from her research on digital culture and spirituality to provide practical implications for the effects of digital culture on spirituality, particularly among children, youth and young adults.

Malinda BerryMalinda Elizabeth Berry, PhD, is associate professor of theology and ethics at AMBS. Berry is committed to Anabaptism in the Mennonite tradition in her approach to an array of topics including Christian social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and renewing congregational life in its structural and spiritual dimensions. In the opening keynote, she will speak to the theological, ecclesial, relational, and practical questions we ought to consider as we both participate in and challenge digital culture.

Andy Brubacher KaethlerAndy Brubacher Kaethler, PhD, is associate professor of Christian formation and culture at AMBS as well as the director of the Center for Faith Formation.He is passionate about helping learners develop the ability to engage culture both critically and compassionately. Brubacher Kaethler will draw from his 25 years of experience in Christian formation in educational, conference, congregational, and camp settings.

David CramerDavid C. Cramer, PhD, is managing editor of the Institute of Mennonite Studies and a sessional faculty member at AMBS. Drawing on his passion for understanding the difference Christian faith makes for how Christians live in contemporary society, Cramer will explore the discernment practices he employs as he engages in digital culture.

Through worship, prayer, teaching sessions and workshops, we’ll explore the biblical and theological grounding that shapes our faith in our digital culture.


This year Pastors and Leaders 2020 and Deep Faith are providing a wide range of engaging workshops to enrich your conference experience. Sample titles of workshops include:

  • The Dark Side of Digital Saturation: Helping People out of Addiction to Online Pornography and Dependency Relationships
  • Embodied Preaching in a High-Tech Space
  • Engaging Social Media in an Emotionally Intelligent Way
  • Finding True Love in a Digital Age
  • Incarnational Theology and Contemplative Practices for All Ages
  • #MakePeace: Social Media Shalom
  • Messy Church: A Playfully Serious Way to Shape Faith in a Complex World
  • Supporting Healthy Christian Formation for Children and Youth: A Digital Media Rule of Life.

Workshops will run during the mornings and afternoons of Tuesday and Wednesday.


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Leadership Clinics

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