Pastors Week 2018

In 2018, Pastors Week will be Feb. 26 - March 1.  Watch for upcoming details!

Pastors Week 2017 

Cultivating Intercultural Leadership for Diversity-Oriented Churches

A. Brian Leander, PhD

A. Brian LeanderDespite the decline in mainline Protestant church membership in the United States and Canada over the past decades, diversity-oriented churches are growing. Churches that are intentional about diversity use the terms “multiracial,” “multiethnic,” or “multicultural” when discussing their mission.

Church leadership in the 21st century requires more and more attention to diversity and inclusion at every level. As a result, many leaders today are looking for effective ways to promote shared understanding between people with different values, experiences, practices and identities.  In addition, church leaders are looking for ways to carry forward the mission of Christ in diverse communities. Dr. A. Brian Leander believes that diversity is God’s desire and design. As followers of Jesus, we are called to embrace, honor and learn from the differences among us, he says. If we are motivated to grow and develop our “cultural intelligence” (CQ)* we will be much better prepared to revitalize congregations, plant new churches, serve not-for-profit ministries and businesses, and take on mission assignments.

Through Pastors Week we seek to:

  • Inspire a new and indelible calling toward reconciliation, understanding and intercultural mission
  • Assess leaders’ intercultural leadership competency and help them develop a plan for growth and effectiveness in ministry
  • Provide leaders with tools to develop intercultural leadership and learning
  • Equip leaders with learning and tools to assess and develop organizational goals and objectives for intercultural competency and openness to diversity

Dr. Leander will facilitate a three-part program based in his research and leadership development practice with leaders of diversity-oriented churches. This program was specifically designed for church leaders who want to expand their own intercultural competency to more effectively carry out the mission of Christ in their churches and communities. 

Pastors Week participants will:

  • Complete and receive feedback on the Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS)*
  • Hear what leaders of diversity-oriented churches have to say about what it means to be interculturally competent and how intercultural competence influences the diversity climate of the church 
  • Learn best practices of leading a diverse leadership team
  • Explore ways to develop leadership teams that are culturally diverse and open to diversity
  • Learn how to reconcile cultural dilemmas within your church or organization
  • Identify and assess your organization’s cultural competency as strategic outcomes. 

*Cultural intelligence is defined as “an individual’s [or organization’s] capability to function and manage effectively in culturally diverse settings.”


A. Brian Leander, PhD, is a church planter, researcher, and the assistant director for the Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Adelphi University (Garden City, New York) and an adjunct faculty member in Intercultural Leadership at Goshen (Indiana) College. He brings over 25 years of experience in coaching leaders of churches, church systems, nonprofit organizations and colleges and universities on topics of cultural intelligence, organizational development and strategic planning. In addition, Dr. Leander served as Organizational Strategist with the Church Resource Ministries (CRM) ReFocusing Team. There he specialized in training, coaching and developing leaders for cross-cultural ministry. He holds an MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and a PhD in Leadership from Eastern University.

Presentations are geared to pastors and other leaders, but all are welcome!

Pastors Week 2018

Pastors Week will be Feb. 26 - March 1, 2018.

Recommended reading

Dr. Leander requests participants read the following book prior to Pastors Week if possible: DeYmaz, M. (2010). Ethnic blends: Mixing diversity into your local church. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units

Attending all Pastors Week plenary and workshop sessions earns 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Indicate if you would like to receive CEUs when you register, and pick up your CEU certificate when leaving the final session Thursday afternoon.