Reading the Bible with Jesus

A Workshop with Bryan Moyer Suderman

Photo of Bryan Moyer SudermanItinerant Bible teacher and singer/songwriter, known especially for his “songs of faith for small and tall,” Bryan Moyer Suderman of Kitchener, Ontario, has spent the last 25 years finding creative ways to engage all ages in Scripture. In 2016 he was named a Teaching Associate of the AMBS Church Leadership Center. 

Since 2011 he’s been working through each of the canonical Gospels, exploring how they portray Jesus as interpreter of Scripture in addressing the challenges and debates of the day.

As a result of this study—now the focus of his master’s thesis and itinerant Bible teaching ministry—Bryan is finding that Jesus’ approach to Scripture has much to teach us. In fact, it has the potential to transform the way we relate to Scripture and to each other.

Who needs the Bible?

  • Does your busy life squeeze out any hope of studying Scripture on a regular basis?
  • Are you pretty sure you learned enough Scripture in Sunday school to get you through life?
  • Do Bible studies sometimes feel like a case of “the blind leading the blind”?
  • Do you find yourself asking why the church makes such a big deal of an ancient Book when the world’s pressing issues need up-to-date solutions?
  • Do you hear people quote pet Scriptures just to prove their point?
  • Do you ever wonder if some Christians might be misusing the Bible to further their own agenda?

What would Jesus do?

Like us, Jesus and the people of his time had to figure out how to respond to their “hot-button” issues in light of the commands and stories of the Holy Scripture that they loved and revered. Jesus continually interpreted and re-interpreted Scripture to address difficult issues. And he worked with Scripture in ways that would surprise Christians on all sides of today’s theological and political debates.

What can followers of Jesus today learn from Jesus’ approach to Scripture? What if today’s Christians not only sought to imitate how Jesus lived and how he treated people, but also how he read and interpreted Scripture?

Hosting a seminar

Join with others in your community, church, conference, area church or other group to host Bryan Moyer Suderman for one or more weekends of “Reading the Bible with Jesus.”

When: On a mutually-agreed upon Friday evening through Saturday afternoon
Where: A camp, retreat center, church or school near you
What: Each weekend Bryan will lead your group in exploring one Gospel together through study, prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit. This could be one weekend or a series of two or more weekends.

During each seminar you will:

  1. Dig deep into one of the Gospels to see how Jesus is portrayed as an interpreter of Scripture as he preaches, teaches and heals the people of his day.
  2. Gain tools for reading and interpreting Scripture like Jesus in light of the world we live in today.
  3. Meet sisters and brothers who are committed to serious Scripture study and to discerning the mind of Christ through prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit.

How: Schedules can be adapted to fit your needs. A sample weekend schedule could include four sessions of one and a half hours each.
Capacity: Bryan is happy to work with groups of any size.
Languages: English or Spanish

Contact us to host a workshop

Worship and concerts for all ages

Through Small Tall Ministries, Bryan also accepts invitations to lead Sunday morning congregational worship and community or neighborhood concerts. In worship, Bryan weaves together Scripture, songs and spoken reflections in a dynamic way that appeals to all ages. His concerts are interactive and inspirational and make excellent opportunities to reach out to the community.

A word from past participants

"Bryan is a gentle teacher who allows participants space to think individually and then draws them out to share communally. Reading the Bible with Jesus helps to ground the text in Biblical scholarship, which brings important understandings of how and why Jesus taught as he did."
—Doug Amstutz, intentional interim pastor, Riverdale Mennonite Church, Millbank, Ontario

"Damos gracias a Dios por la variedad de dones que ha dado a nuestro hermano Bryan, los cuales comparte con mucha pasion. La sencillez, profundidad y claridad con la que imparte este curso demuestra su entendimiento y conocimiento en la materia."
—Maciel Hernandez, moderadora, Iglesia Menonita Nueva Vida, Toronto, Ontario