The Church Leadership Center offers both online and face-to-face multi-day seminars to strengthen ministry skills and wise practice of leadership. AMBS professors and other partners join together to create high-quality learning experiences designed to provide ongoing development for those currently in ministry and leadership roles.

Spiritual Guifance Seminars

Spiritual Guidance Seminars - Level I and Level II

Two levels of training in spiritual guidance are available. Spiritual Guidance Seminar, the first level, is a supervised program for pastors and others who want to become spiritual guides. Advanced Spiritual Guidance Seminar is the second level. Each meets on campus twice over a ten-month period with on-line course work in between giving participants opportunities to practice and reflect on their learnings.

Values-Based Leadership Program

Values-Based Leadership Program

Values-Based Leadership Program is a leadership training opportunity sponsored by seven Anabaptist organizations, including AMBS. Leaders from the church, non-profit, and business sectors are invited to come together to consider how Anabaptist faith shapes excellent leadership.

Research for Ministry

Research for Ministry: Online Seminar

Research for Ministry is a six-month, non-credit seminar featuring e-books and online journal articles available from the AMBS library. Participants will choose areas for research to strengthen their preaching, teaching or ministry. They can focus on a single topic, pursue multiple topics or read and review four books.