Invite Susannah Larry

Leah ThomasSusannah Larry, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at AMBS.

Featured speaker and consultant

Susannah believes that the central purpose of Anabaptist biblical interpretation is to discern from the Bible the mission of God’s Church to live in step with God’s life-giving vision of peace and justice for all creation. 

She came to know Mennonites while volunteering at Jubilee Partners — a Christian service community in Comer, Georgia — where she gained appreciation for Anabaptist commitments to justice and reconciliation and where her interest in becoming a biblical scholar was sparked. The refugees she learned to know at Jubilee framed their experiences as Exilic, parallel to those of the exiled Judeans in the Babylonian period. Their commitment to reclaiming the Bible as a liberating Word in their contexts led Susannah to return to biblical texts she had previously (and erroneously) dismissed as irrelevant to contemporary Christian life. 

Susannah also works alongside survivors of sexualized violence, many of whom have witnessed the Bible being (ab)used to justify their own abuse. She is committed to exposing the flaws of this type of biblical interpretation and to proposing interpretations that honor the indwelling of God in all creation.

Susannah holds an MTS and a PhD from Vanderbilt University and is the author of the forthcoming books Leaving Silence: Sexualized Violence, the Bible, and Standing with Survivors (Herald Press) and Lament Beyond Blame: Daughter Zion and Theodicy (Sheffield Phoenix Press).

Possible topics: 

  • Women in the Bible
  • Sexualized Violence in the Bible
  • Trauma-Informed Bible Study
  • Lament in the Bible
  • Violence and Peacemaking in the Bible