Understanding Anabaptist Approaches to Scripture: What's Different and Why?

Taught by Loren Johns, PhD

Dates: Feb. 10 - March 23, 2021

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An open Bible with a page turning

In the 16th century, Anabaptists approached Scripture in ways that were both similar to and different from their fellow Catholics and other Protestants. This course will seek to understand those similarities and differences in light of today.

Which of those approaches might we repudiate today, or nuance, or embrace whole-heartedly? What historical and theological developments in the centuries since the 16th have influenced today’s Mennonites more profoundly than did the Reformation? Drawing on the wealth of personal experience and wisdom among the students, this class will be interactive. Request a syllabus.

Loren Johns, PhD, is Professor of New Testament at AMBS.

Courses are offered online and last six weeks each. They do not typically involve live video conversations (as in a webinar). And there are no grades and no papers!

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