Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism (MATGA)

The Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism (MATGA) is a 46 credit-hour fully online academic degree that prepares scholars, teachers, pastors and leaders to integrate knowledge of and formation in the Anabaptist tradition with service in their current and future communities. The program is uniquely shaped by AMBS’s historic Anabaptist identity, including having one of the oldest peace theology programs in the U.S., and by our commitment to teach the Anabaptist tradition from a global perspective.

The program is built around focused study of a theological discipline (Global Anabaptism) in the context of broader theological disciplines (biblical studies, peace studies, and practical theology). Core requirements are balanced with elective options, enabling students to design a program that meets their goals for future study or ministry.

Study and learn from Anabaptist voices around the globe

MATGA coursework is delivered to learners across North America and beyond via our online course formats and interactive live-streaming technology. You will learn in collaboration with dedicated AMBS faculty members and other students, each in their own community contexts. Not only will the curriculum explore Anabaptism as an international movement, it will include studying the ideas and scholarship of Anabaptist Christians who are part of this global story.

Degree design

Most of the courses in the MATGA are offered in an online platform. Some of the course work may be completed via video conference attendance in synchronous classes meeting on the AMBS campus. The degree is designed to be completed part time over four years with two courses per semester, though students have the option of a shorter course of study if they spend a semester or more on campus studying full time.

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Sample coursework for the Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism

Theology and History Studies

  • Leadership Education in an Anabaptist Perspective (all faculty)
  • Global Anabaptist Mennonite History and Theology (Jamie Pitts, PhD)
  • Christian Theology 1 (Jamie Pitts, PhD)

Biblical Studies

Peace Studies

Practical Ministry Studies

Educational goals of the Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism

Graduates from the MATGA program will:

  • Grow in knowledge about the biblical, theological and historical foundations of the Anabaptist tradition.
  • Build research skills through analysis of how Anabaptism developed and formed in Western and non-Western contexts and interacted with other Christian movements.
  • Deepen their faith through spiritual and intercultural formation.
  • Increase capacity to navigate the complexities of ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue and effectiveness in communicating the relevance of Anabaptist Christianity for our current times.

Why seminary?

Students and faculty share why and how they discerned attending their AMBS program

“This global classroom is essential to carry on the mission of God’s global church — to bear witness to the gospel of peace.” 

Drew Strait, PhD, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins

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