Master of Divinity Campus (MDiv Campus)

Our redesigned Master of Divinity Campus program provides rigorous study, spiritual disciplines and day-to-day mentoring to form the core of ministry preparation. Students learn and live in a vibrant seminary community, in a diverse city with opportunities for challenge and growth and in a beautiful campus setting.

Master of Divinity Campus is designed for:

  • People who want the long-standing strengths of the Master of Divinity program combined with mentoring, fellowship and formation in a community
  • People seeking a context where they can integrate learning with living in community and engaging with the surrounding context
  • People who want to develop leadership abilities with a Christian perspective-leadership that reflects the Anabaptist tradition.

Program requirements and majors

The Master of Divinity Campus program requires a total of 80 credit hours:

Most credit hours can be earned through classes and learning experiences offered on the AMBS campus. Some majors may include an occasional hybrid course that combines on-campus sessions with online work. Some credit hours can be earned through courses in other locations.

Current majors include:

Program Benefits

  • Earn a Master of Divinity in a community that lives, studies and worships together.
  • Develop an identity as a leader with skills to set vision and enable, encourage and challenge others
  • Complement disciplined study with deep spiritual formation
  • Learn from and with students who bring varied cultural backgrounds to intentional community living
  • Integrate rigorous study with ministry practice through internships
  • Orient learning and formation with an Anabaptist vision
  • Discern God’s call with mentoring by faculty
  • Share practices of spiritual formation and explore spiritual disciplines

Expectations for MDiv Campus Students

For a three-credit-hour course, students are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours each week in activities related to the course, or a total of 140 hours for the duration of the course. This includes time spent in class sessions, as well as time reading and completing assigned work. For two- and one-credit- hour courses, the expectation is adjusted proportionally.

Degree Design

MDiv Campus students can complete the program in three years if they study full time each semester and take Intensive Term courses in the summers (May/June/July).

Download our Admissions Calendar to see an overview of AMBS’s academic year and note important application deadlines.

Why seminary?

Students and faculty share why and how they discerned attending their AMBS program

“AMBS grounded me in a conviction that my head and my hands belong together. I am deeply grateful to have been formed by such a place.”

Kevin Chupp (MDiv 2020), Osceola, Indiana, and Aberdeen, Idaho

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Director of Enrollment

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