AMBS Alumni News

AMBS Alumni NewsLast issue: Winter 2017

The final standalone issue of Alumni News announces Linda Shelly, Latin America director for Mennonite Mission Network, as the recipient of the 2016 Alumni Ministry and Service Recognition. Rolando Sosa-Granados is nominated to serve on the Alumni Executive Committee. The issue also contains several pages of alumni news notes.

About Alumni News

Alumni News featured stories and announcements about and from our alumni as they joined in God's work in their minisitries and mark milestones in their lives after seminary. Starting in spring 2018, updates are included twice annually within issues of AMBS Window

Back issues

Obed Dashan receives the 2015 Alumni Ministry and Service Recognition. This issue also honors three key members of our learning community who have passed away: Millard Lind, Henry Poettcker and Rosie Reschly.

Alumni News Spring 2015
Alumni Jorge Vielman, Tina Schlabach and  Marvin Dueck reflect on their ministries within and alongside various immigrant communities.

Alumni News Fall 2014
A second issue on the theme of spiritual direction gives us insights from Rebeka Moeljono, Deron Brill Bergstresser and Charlene Epp.

Alumni News Summer 2014
Wilma Bailey’s service of teaching and writing. Gayle Gerber Koontz’s and Ted Koontz’s 31 fruitful years of teaching at AMBS. A stirring commencement address by alumnus James Logan. Also the lives of dear friends: Don Steider and Vincent Harding

Alumni News Winter 2014 
Spiritual direction is "holy listening" to others, and several alumni reflect on this ministry and how they were drawn to becoming spiritual directors.

Alumni News Fall 2013
Two alumni share stories of how they were encouraged toward ministry.

Alumni News Summer 2013
shares stories about the two alumni who are recognized this year for their ministry and service.

Alumni News Winter 2013
tells how several alumni were encouraged toward ministry by others.

Alumni News Fall 2012
helps us understand how students who are not from Mennonite backgrounds experience AMBS.