Conferences at AMBS

The AMBS learning community hosts regular and occasional conferences during the academic year. These events draw on the scholarly and spiritual resources among our faculty, students and staff, while bringing together voices from across the Anabaptist tradition and the broader church. These are opportunities for conversation and collaboration that expand our knowledge of our disciplines, and deepen our commitment to and witness for God's reconciling mission in the world.

Recent gatherings

Pastors and Leaders 2019: Loving Our Neighbors in Tense Times

February 25–28, 2019

What is the call of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in tense situations like these? What does it mean to love neighbors who are members of targeted groups? How can Christian congregations and their leaders engage issues and incidences of hate, intolerance and systemic racism in productive and transformational ways? How can congregations whose members are not currently threatened reject complacency and step up with courage to take seriously the call of Christ to “love your neighbor as yourself”?

Rooted and Grounded: A Conference on Land and Christian Discipleship

Sept. 27–29, 2018

As God’s people, the church is called to imagine and embody alternative ways of relating to the land that cultivate shalom between human beings, the rest of creation, and God. This three-day event will weave together worship, theology, biblical study and praxis. Co-sponsors include The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions and Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College.