Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend

January 14–15, 2018

No Church in the Wild: Christianity, White Supremacy, Black Liberation and Hip-Hop

The Intercultural Competence and Undoing Racism (ICUR) team is excited to celebrate the call and continue the work for racial justice as demonstrated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During the weekend, we will host events featuring Dr. Daniel White Hodge, Associate Professor of Intercultural Communications at North Park University in Chicago.

Schedule of events

The Soul of Hip-Hop and the Church in America
Sunday, January 14 | 2 p.m. | Free and open to the public

Historic Roosevelt Center, 215 E. Indiana Avenue, Elkhart. Gymnasium.
Today, America is experiencing a resurgence of open White supremacist and neo-Nazi agitation at levels not seen since the era of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement. Yet, unlike in the time of King, the most visible resistance to this chapter of open hostility, violence and extremism is happening outside of the church. What is the role of “the Church” in our current context? And what can hip-hop teach us about our call in this time?

Workshop: Intercultural Competencies in an Era of Trump and Fake News
Monday, January 15 | 8:30 a.m – noon
Registration required (starting Jan. 2). Limited to 30 participants.
AMBS, 3003 Benham Avenue, Elkhart. Waltner Hall.
Make no mistake, our consumption of media messages is laden with messages, ideology, and theology. This current era we find ourselves in, it is difficult to distinguish “fake” from “real.” Part of what gets muddled in all this is race, gender, and class—intersectionality. Thus, it is imperative we take time to learn more about what it is we are consuming and continue to train our critical mind. Dr. Hodge will lead a time of critical investigation of media and its messages in an era of trump, accepted fascism, and racism at the highest levels. In this time, we’ll deconstruct what activism looks like in the 21st century and all the complexities surrounding intercultural communication. "Come get woke!"

Dr. Daniel White HodgeFeatured speaker: Dr. Daniel White Hodge

Daniel White Hodge, PhD, is a recognized urban youth culture expert and cultural literacy scholar with 24 years of multi-ethnic and intercultural youth work experience. His research interests are the intersections of faith, Hip-Hop culture, race/ethnicity and young adult ethnic-minority emerging generations. He has worked for and with organizations such as Young Life and World Vision and has done work with undocumented youth in Los Angeles. His three books are Heaven Has A Ghetto: The Missiological Gospel and Theology of Tupac Amaru Shakur, The Soul of Hip Hop: Rims, Timbs and a Cultural Theology and Hip Hop’s Hostile Gospel: A Post Soul Theological Exploration.

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"We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character–that is the goal of true education." — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Morehouse College, 1948

During each event, AMBS will collect new and gently-used books for children and youth to donate to our neighbors at the Tolson Community and Youth Center. Please see the instructions below before selecting books to contribute.

1. Books for 3rd–7th grade levels especially needed. All age ranges up to 12th grade also accepted. No encyclopedias or textbooks please.

2. As a city-run community center, the books cannot be religious in nature.

3. Books exploring love of self and neighbors, positive character development, living well together across differences and undoing racism are especially welcome. Educational workbooks also accepted.

4. Books with ethnic, cultural and other forms of diversity are strongly desired.

For questions, email [email protected].

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