AMBS Martin Luther King Events

January 16–18, 2016

Featured Guest: Ewuare Osayande

The AMBS Intercultural Competence and Undoing Racism team is excited to celebrate the call and continue the work for racial justice as demonstrated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During the weekend, the ICUR team will host a series of public and on-campus events featuring activist, poet, educator and presenter, Ewuare Osayande. See the schedule and bio below for details.

About the presenter

Ewuare OsyandeEwuare Osayande is Anti-Oppression Coordinator with Mennonite Central Committee US and founder of Freedom Plow Ministries. Osayande brings 25 years of experience to the work of liberation and social justice. Educator, minister, writer and activist, he has provided lectures, sermons and workshops for colleges, congregations and community groups across the country and around the world addressing the social and spiritual realities of race, class and gender. He is the author of more than fifteen books including Commemorating King: Speeches Honoring the Civil Rights Movement. Learn more about his work at

Schedule of public events

  • Honoring King's Legacy in Elkhart: Creating the Beloved Community with guest poet Ewuare Osayande
    Saturday, January 16 | 24 p.m. | Free and open to the public

    Mary Beck Elementary, 818 McDonald Street
    This year's 5th annual People's History of Elkhart celebration will highlight music and dance, food and the arts to celebrate together work toward creating the beloved community in Elkhart. Two awards will be presented: the Drum Major for Justice Lifetime Achievement Award and the Jericho Road Award to a group that's working for “transformation of the edifices that produce beggars.
  • Freedom Now: Resisting Racism, Militarism and Materialism (Public presentation)
    Sunday, January 17 | 2 p.m. | Free and open to the public
    Tolson Community and Youth Center, 1320 Benham Avenue
    On April 4, 1967, one year before he would be assassinated, Dr. King gave one of his most memorable addresses, "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence," co-written by Dr. Vincent Harding, Jr. in which he publicly came out against the US war in Vietnam. In that speech, he addressed what he called "the giant triplets of racism, militarism and materialism." By linking these issues of power, King made a critique of US imperialism that remains most relevant today. Ewuare Osayande will return to King's critique and address the justice work that must be done in our time in solidarity with those that are suffering the giant triplets today.
  • Organizing for Change: From Analysis to Action Workshop
    Monday, January 18 | 8–11 a.m. | Cost: $20. Waivers available.
    AMBS, 3003 Benham Avenue. Waltner Hall Room 214. Registration required
    This workshop is designed for those who are active and wish to be active in organizing for racial justice and systemic change. It will provide an analysis of racial oppression that empowers activists to think critically and organize effectively. Topics to be addressed include: "Good Intentions are Good but Insufficient," "Building Strong Coalitions," "Upgrading Your Activist Toolkit," "Learning from History: Nonviolent Direct Action for Today," "Moving Mountains with Mustard Seeds." Limited to 40 participants.

Schedule of campus community events

  • Guest lecture, Cultural Hermeneutics Course
    Saturday, January 16 | 8:30–9:45 a.m. | Faculty, staff and students

    AMBS, 3003 Benham Avenue. Waltner Hall Room 214
    The presentation will affirm the importance of recognizing Jesus within his social-cultural-political context and using that "lens" to then view the worlds in which we live to locate the "Christ spirit" at work. It will include some analysis of Canada as well as the US.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Register for Organizing for Change workshop

Register online for the Organizing for Change: From Analysis to Action Workshop.

Special thanks to:

People's History of Elkhart

A grassroots group dedicated to sharing story, study, and strategy to build relationships across historic divisions and strengthen the growing movement to end poverty.

Tolson Center
Providing safe and quality education, arts, music, athletics and recreation for all ages in the Elkhart community.

Fellowship of Hope Mennonite Church
Drawn together by Jesus Christ, is a community of hope, broken and blessed, that gives itself to the Reign of God in the world, seeking to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.”