Nekeisha Alayna Alexis

Graphic Designer and Website Specialist; Intercultural Competence and Undoing Racism coordinator

  • 574-295-3726 x274

Nekeisha Alexis-Baker brings several practical, administrative and intellectual gifts to each of her roles at AMBS. As a member of the Communication department, Nekeisha is responsible for designing publicity materials for the seminary and managing its online presence. As Intercultural Competence and Undoing Racism (ICUR) coordinator, she leads a team of teaching faculty, administrators and students in the ongoing work of AMBS’s strategic priority of undoing racism and building intercultural competence throughout the institution. As an independent scholar with interests in theology and ethics pertaining to undoing oppression among humans and other animals, she uses her ministry as an occasional writer and lecturer to explore new frontiers of Christian peacemaking and witness.


  • Master of Arts: Theological Studies, AMBS
  • Bachelor of Arts, New York University

Intercultural Competence and Undoing Racism coordinator

To her specific role as ICUR coordinator, Nekeisha brings a personal her-story of navigating a variety of intercultural landscapes as a native Trinidadian living as a Black woman living in the U.S.; a theological Anabaptist; and an academic-organizer who has related to variety of marginalized communities. She is certified as a Qualified Administator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). She also brings her previous education in Africana Studies with a focus on Pan-Africanism; her learning as a participant in two Damascus Road Antiracism Analysis Trainings (since 2005); and her continued reading and research in antiracism and other related disciplines.