Online short courses

Deepen your understanding of Anabaptist history, thought and witness through our four- to six-week, discussion-based online short courses.

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  • What does it mean to read the Bible like an Anabaptist?
  • Why does Anabaptist history matter at all today?
  • What does it mean to worship like an Anabaptist?
  • And what even is “shalom”?

Join with others exploring what it means to follow Jesus today. You’ll discover early and modern Anabaptists as kindred spirits through your study of theology and history. You’ll explore Anabaptist resources as a source of inspiration and guidance for your own life and ministry.

Online short course offerings

Anabaptist Short Course Bundle

The Anabaptist Short Course Bundle offers the best deal on our collection of discussion-based online short courses. This bundle includes four courses to support your exploration of Anabaptist resources as a source of inspiration and guidance for your own life and ministry. Learn more

What’s expected

Short course students are expected to read assigned materials and complete short assignments, writing in an online discussion forum. Students manage their own time to meet weekly assignment deadlines. These short courses also include optional, weekly live video conversations, which are typically recorded for class members who cannot attend.

How short courses work

Short courses explore topics like Anabaptist history, biblical study, spiritual and ethical issues, worship, and more. These non-credit courses involve readings from textbooks and online articles and include written forum discussion. You won’t receive a grade, but readings and discussion are comparable to seminary-level work, and professors assume you have critical thinking skills and some previous academic study.

For more information about how you can get CEUs, and what requirements you’ll need to participate in online short courses, visit the short course details page. Financial assistance for short courses is available on a case-by-case basis. Apply for short course financial assistance.

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