A History of Mennonite Youth Ministry, 1885-2005

A History of Mennonite Youth Ministry, 1885–2005 gives attention to efforts to nurture faith in young people of a particular faith group, Mennonites in North America. Sometimes those efforts were led by a denomination or its agencies and sometimes by a grassroots contingent of faithful people within the church, or by people clamoring for a voice. This book contains three major sections—Overview of Mennonite Youth Ministry Efforts, Congregational Efforts, and Efforts from Outside the Congregation—and nine chapters.

“A History of Mennonite Youth Ministry, 1885–2005 documents the complexities of youth ministry in one community of faith. It describes tensions between people committed to retaining a strong community characterized by longstanding traditions, and people concerned with responding to the distinctive needs of the community’s young people amid societal change.”—Mark H. Senter III, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois

“The pages of this book present a collage of images that speak of our collective concern about passing on the faith that we treasure. They also tell us stories that inspire us, teach us, and give direction and bearings for the road ahead.”—Anna Rehan, Mennonite youth minister (1985–2013), Langham, Saskatchewan



A History of Mennonite Youth Ministry 1885-2005 coverEditor: Bob Yoder
Contributors: Randy Keeler, Jonny Gerig Meyer, Barb Draper, Susan Allison-Jones, Josh Hertzler, Matt Harms, Anna Showalter, Dana L. (Honderich) Penner, Anna Rehan, Kent Miller
ISBN: 0-936273-51-8
339 pages. Paper
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