Intercultural Biblical Hermeneutics Series

The Intercultural Biblical Hermeneutics Series is offered to Bible scholars and interested practitioners with a twofold purpose: to present the fruits of ongoing research in the new field of empirical intercultural hermeneutics, and to foster further conversation and collaboration.

Series Editors: Hans de Wit, Mary H. Schertz
Managing Editors: Annette Brill Bergstresser, Barbara Nelson Gingerich

No 1 Empirical Hermeneutics, Interculturality, and Holy Scripture
Hans de Wit
ISBN 0936273801

No 2 Toward a Communal Reading of 2 Samuel 13
Charlene van der Walt

Information about the series, including annotations, author-editor information and where to purchase copies, is included in the IMS book catalog, pages 38-39.

Also see the 2004 publication Through the Eyes of Another: Intercultural reading of the Bible.