Mediation in Pastoral Care

by Lies Brussee–van der Zee and Annelies Klinefelter-Koopmans

“An excellent overview with practical guideposts for pastors and caregivers who constantly face situations of family, congregational and wider social conflicts as part of their daily ministry. With easy to absorb ideas and case studies, yet comprehensive and up to date, this book should be in every pastor’s office.” —John Paul Lederach, Professor of International Peacebuilding, Kroc Institute  University of Notre Dame

“Pastoral care of our conflicts—whether intra-personal or interpersonal—is not something that belongs to the individual apart from community; it belongs to persons within community. Care for the people of God clearly belongs in the center of congregational life, as this book so aptly and insightfully reveals. The willingness to allow the mediating gifts of community to facilitate healing is one of the higher measures of maturity, and every step in education toward openness to mediation is a means of strengthening community. This is a book of wisdom, practice, and fresh skills in peace-building. Mediation in Pastoral Care is a gift to the church and an invitation to deepen the spiritual practices of reconciliation. Could anything be more central to the pastoral task or the good news of the Sermon on the Mount? —David Augsburger, Professor of Pastoral Counseling, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Readers will find here a helpful integration of theory and practice; biblical-theological foundations, normative claims, and social science perspectives and tools and guidelines; and academic-professional views and grassroots experience and concerns. And of course, the authors’ main contribution is the very reason for this book’s being: they demonstrate that the distinct fields of pastoral care and mediation can be brought closer together in order to enhance the overall competence of pastoral caregivers as they encounter conflict situations.” —from the Foreword, by Daniel Schipani, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary

About the authors

Lies Brussee–van der Zee was minister in several Mennonite and Dutch Protestant Union congregations. She also has worked as instructor of pastoral care and in other roles at the Amsterdam Mennonite Theological Seminary and the Free University in Amsterdam. She is a registered mediator and has led trainings on mediation skills in pastoral care.

Annelies Klinefelter-Koopmans is registered with the Dutch Mediation Institute and is a certified mediator specializing in working in the church. From 2000 to 2011 she served as coordinator for Geweldloos Samenleven (Living Together without Violence), an institute initiated and sponsored by the Mennonites of the Netherlands.