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From the Institute of Mennonite Studies

A History of Mennonite Youth Ministry, 1885–2005 gives attention to efforts to nurture faith in young people of a particular faith group, Mennonites in North America. Sometimes those efforts were led by a denomination or its agencies and sometimes by a grassroots contingent of faithful people within the church, or by people clamoring for a voice. 

AMBS Window

Alumni and congregations are improvising leadership, as David Miller describes in the fall issue. They are finding ways to be involved in their communities, meeting needs and bringing God's kingdom closer for themselves and their neighbors. AMBS Window tells their stories and includes reflections from President Sara Wenger Shenk.

Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology

The fall issue of Vision, published twice a year, takes a fresh look at peace from a wide range of perspectives.

IMS Catalog

An Institute of Mennonite Studies catalog includes annotated entries of all books published by the institute and where the publications are available for purchase. It also includes a topical index and an author-editor index. The PDF file is searchable and all contributors are named in the publication descriptions.

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