The Jesus Tribe: Grace Stories of Congo's Mennonites

A Project of Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission

The culmination of a project sponsored by Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission and marking the centennial of Mennonite witness in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this collection consists of brief stories of Congolese Mennonite Christians who had life-changing encounters with Jesus and became witnesses to God’s grace in their lives. The stories reach from the earliest days to the present, illustrating courage, struggle, and faith amid enormous cultural pressures, and reflecting African interpretations of Anabaptist beliefs in nonviolence and forgiveness.

“Years of extortion, paternalism, and repression from colonialism and its aftermath have created a left-behind culture in Congo that many around the world look down on. Here—finally—we hold in our hands a book that gives us a true picture of the people of Congo: people who work hard and enjoy life despite suffering setbacks. They are stories of Christians who strive to be beacons of hope for a new Congo and signposts for the Kingdom to come.” — Hippolyto Tshimanga, Mennonite Church Canada

“How, within a single century, did the number of Christians in Africa swell from a few million in Egypt and Ethiopia to become the continent’s majority faith, some 487 million strong, today? The stories, written by both Africans and foreign missionaries, hint at the deep reason. They will rekindle hope, inspire faith, deepen humility, and offer encouragement. They should be read, contemplated, and preached.”
— Jonathan J. Bonk, Overseas Ministries Study Center

Stories from the book are available on the Anabaptistwiki site:

The Jesus Tribe stories in English

100 Ans de Mission Mennonite en République Démocratique du Congo (French)

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The Jesus Tribe is a project of Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission, in collaboration with Mennonite Church of Congo, Evangelical Mennonite Church of Congo, Institute of Mennonite Studies at AMBS, and Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism at Goshen College.