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Take Our Moments and Our Days: An Anabaptist Prayer Book

We formed a 12-member Sunday School class on prayer. We use a morning service from the prayer book together and then discuss prayer topics. We all use the evening services at home during the week. Others are interested in joining, so we hope to begin another class in the fall.
—Bruce Chartrand, New Bremen, New York

The formats for Thanksgiving and Intercession helped us go beyond where we would have before. It broadens our prayers. Thanks.
Central Mennonite Church Archbold, Ohio

With this prayer book I am able to pray in larger communion with my Anabaptist sisters and brethren all around the globe. I deeply believe that common prayer is a way to enhance spiritual growth for individuals and communities receptive to this spiritual discipline. That is why I am translating Take Our Moments into French.
—Philippe Gonzalez, France

Praying together like this really bonds our prayer group, and connects us with the life of the congregation. We sense that we are supporting the pastoral care and the teaching ministry of the church.
Noon prayers group, Prairie St Mennonite, Elkhart, Indiana

I have used these prayer forms in our church meetings - to open and close our Leadership Council meetings or staff prayer meetings. I especially find the "Call" structure of the prayers meaningful and value the grounding in Scripture, especially in Jesus' words.
Weldon Nisly, Seattle Mennonite Church, Washington

As soon as I found this prayerbook I realized, this is it! With its Biblical words it speaks so gently yet forcefully of the love and compassion of God, the ministry and servanthood of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. (moved away from a Mennonite community…)My heart, passion and mission is to continue to follow the Anabaptists who I believe draw us to the life of Jesus Christ.
Leslie Rafaniello, Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

I've been loving the prayer book. I have used it in our peace prayers group, in small group, in a group retreat, and mostly in my daily prayers as an individual. Every time I have opened the book, I have loved it.
Tina Mast Burnett, Akron, Pennsylvania

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