With hope and resilience

Resources for living and worshiping together through extraordinary times

Cross and dove. (Credit: Peter Ringenberg)

Below is a collection of resources from our learning community that can foster a spirit of hope, trust, resilience and ongoing faith during the global COVID-19 outbreak. The materials here are for people both within and beyond our community. We hope they can help us to be grounded in and sustained through God’s love, compassion and unfailing presence as we grapple with the new realities we are all facing in these disruptive and sobering times.

Note: See also our special Integration and reimagination update detailing the ways our learning community is serving and thriving in this time. The coronavirus update page also contains information about AMBS’s logistical changes in response to the pandemic.

With hope and resilience: Reflections from our learning community is a blog containing thoughtful contributions from students, teaching faculty, retired faculty, administrators and staff amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students in the Christian Worship: Theory and Practice class created new rituals specific to this moment in the COVID-19 pandemic: eating indoors with people from other households for the first time since the pandemic began, and reopening a building shuttered since the beginning of the pandemic.

A collection of resources for pastoral care for the congregation, prayers and preaching, as well as artistic pieces such as poetry and playlists. All submitted by people in our learning community.