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Mary Schertz, IMS directorA message from the director of the Institute of Mennonite Studies

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary takes to heart the church’s need for thoughtful reflection on its practices and contemporary challenges. We take to heart the church’s need for Bible commentary and other Christian formation materials that help us grow toward God in faithful maturity. Our faculty, students, and staff produce a rich collection of books, articles, reviews, two journals, newsletters, hymns, poems, internet commentary, letters, and opinions each and every year.

These labors are labors of love: love for God, the church, the Bible, each other, the aged who are passing too quickly from our midst, the children who are tomorrow’s hope, the rest of us in between muddling through this wondrous thing called life. All of this makes AMBS source for wide-ranging resources for the church. Find here what fits the way you contribute to your congregation, the way you seek to grow in your love for God. — Mary H. Schertz

Subscribe to Vision journal

Visit the Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology website to subscribe or to order previous issues. The journal is published twice annually in the spring and fall.

Anabaptist Witness

Anabaptist Witness, formerly Mission Focus, released its first issue in October 2014, edited by Jamie Ross and Jamie Pitts. Visit the publication site to read the full text or purchase a print copy.

AMBS Window

AMBS WindowThe Summer 2015 issue features the 2015 graduates and their plans. This issue also lists the people who are completing the Journey program, a conference-based undergraduate ministry program. For previous issues, visit the AMBS Window page.

New: History of the American Society of Missiology, 1973–2013

History of the American Society of Missiology, 1973?2013 This latest release by Wilbert Shenk "marks the fortieth anniversary of the most missiologically influential academic organization in America. Mission historians will be grateful for Wilbert Shenk’s careful updating and expansion of earlier ASM histories." — Jonathan J. Bonk, Executive Director Emeritus and Senior Mission Consultant, Overseas Ministries Study Center

Anabaptist Prayer Book

The distinctive Anabaptist flavor of this collection of daily prayers is evident in the predominance of Jesus' voice, the space for communal reflection on scripture, and the specific choices of Bible readings. We offer these services in the hope that you will find in them a way of prayer through which the voice of Jesus will pervade your whole day. Published by Institute of Mennonite Studies