Published writing by Students and Alumni

2013–2014 Academic Year


The AMBS community gathered on April 17 to honor students who have done outstanding work during the year. Ben Ollenburger, who co-chaired the gathering, acknowledged that there was something significant on the part of almost everyone accomplished during the year. The gathering, however, noted selected accomplishments--articles published and presentations given.

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  • John David Thacker (MDiv 2004) was featured in a brief item in the UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage) publication, The Northern Light.
  • Andy Alexis-Baker (MATS 2007) is co-editor of A faith embracing all creatures: Addressing commonly asked questions about Christian care for animals (Cascade Books, 2012). Malinda Berry (MAPS 2000) wrote the chapter, “What about animal sacrifice in the Hebrew Scriptures?”; Nekeisha Alexis-Baker (MATS 2008) wrote the chapter, “Doesn’t the Bible say that humans are more important than animals?”; and Andy also wrote the chapter, “Didn’t Jesus eat fish?”
  • Chris Marshall (MAPS 1996), known for his work in integrating biblical scholarship and restorative justice, wrote Compassionate justice: an interdisciplinary dialogue with two gospel parables on law, crime, and restorative justice (Cascade Books, 2012). Chris is head of the School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Andrea Opel (MDiv 2012) wrote “Strength together” for the fall 2012 issue of Conspire Magazine.
  • Titus Oyeyemi (MAPS 2004) wrote and published Equipping the New African Peacebuilder: A Peacebuilder’s Curriculum. In 2003, he founded African Projects for Peace and Love Initiatives in USA; in 2005 he established African Foundation for Peace and Love Initiatives in his home country of Nigeria. Dr. Oyeyemi has developed the concept of Afrocentric, proactive, grassroots peacebuilding for ethnoreligious and ethnopolitical harmony. The book may be purchased through Darin Simms, 740-424-1286.
  • Sandy Miller (MDiv 2012) posted "Despite the Obstacles, Responding to God’s Call," on the Women in Leadership blog of Mennonite Church USA.

  • Leo Driedger (BD 1957) writes that he continues to work in his office at the University of Manitoba. This year he presented two papers on human rights, one at Oxford University (published in their Public Forum Journal), and another at the University of Winnipeg (published in the Journal of Mennonite Studies). The Journal of Ethnic Studies published a paper on multiculturalism and two more papers were published as chapters in edited books.