Revisiting the Legacy of John Howard Yoder

Published: July 25, 2013

Mary E. Klassen

“The accelerating interest in and widespread appreciation for John Howard Yoder’s theological work has also provoked renewed calls for the Mennonite church, including AMBS, to revisit unfinished business with his legacy,” Sara Wenger Shenk writes in her blog, Practicing Reconciliation.

She acknowledges the need for truth-telling as she reflects on the mixed legacy of John Howard Yoder in his life and his scholarship. This call for truth-telling, Sara says, “has deepened my resolve and the resolve of Mennonite Church USA leaders to continue the healing journey.”

Read more of Sara’s reflections and a faculty statement that guides how AMBS teaches, critiques, interprets, and uses Yoder’s work with integrity, recognizing the significance of his theological work and the harmfulness of his actions.

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