Scholarship tips

What do Scholarship Committee members look for when they evaluate applications and decide who gets which scholarship? According to Daniel Grimes, Vice President for Advancement and Enrollment, the committee takes these questions into consideration:

  • Essay — What does it reflect about you, your formation and self-awareness, your sense of call to seminary and your goals for your education? Grammar, writing style and demonstration of scholarship are important. Please stay within the designated word limits for the essay.
  • Education and Grade Point Average (GPA) — Are you a serious student who is ready to tackle the rigors of graduate school? What kinds of coursework have you done that will prepare you for seminary? What types of non-academic experiences have you sought out?
  • References — What do they convey about you? What do your references observe about you that identifies you as having gifts for ministry and aptitude for theological study?
  • Personal experiences — What kinds of leadership positions and experiences have you had? What’s your story, and where are you headed?

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