Lederach Preaching Scholarship

The Lederach Preaching Scholarship was created to encourage and support students as they develop skills in pastoral leadership and preaching.

  • Recipient: Awarded annually to students who sense a call to pastoral leadership and show promise in preaching
  • Amount: Varying amounts
  • Application deadline: April 1

Other scholarship information

  • Scholarship type: Ministry
  • Duration: Recipients must reapply for this scholarship each year, submitting an updated essay with each renewal application
  • Recipient’s program: Master of Divinity Campus; Master of Divinity Connect; MA in Christian Formation; MA: Theology and Global Anabaptism; MA: Theology and Peace Studies; Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies; Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction
  • Recipient’s location of study: On campus or from a distance
  • Recipient’s enrollment status: Full time or part time
  • Recipient’s permanent residence: U.S., Canada or International
  • Recipient’s church affiliation: Applicant must be a member in good standing of a congregation affiliated with Mennonite World Conference

Procedures to apply

Applicants must submit the following by April 1 for the coming academic year: 

  • A completed Scholarship Application
  • An essay of 350 to 500 words describing their sense of call to pastoral ministry and to preaching.

Past recipients will need to submit an updated essay each time they reapply.