Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

AMBS encourages individuals to report any incident in which an incident of sexual misconduct is believed to have occurred. If this is an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

If you have experienced an incident of sexual harassment, domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or other forms of sexual misconduct, the following form is one way to make a report.

In addition to, or instead of, completing this form, you may contact any AMBS employee, who will direct you to options for making a report. Be advised that AMBS employees, unless designated as a Confidential Resource, are expected to help a student report any sexual harassment or violence to the Title IX Coordinator.

This form gathers key information — the location, date, and nature of the incident — that is needed to ensure that the situation receives proper attention. Names are optional unless you would like to request further support or would like to file a formal complaint for a resolution.

Upon receipt of this report, the appropriate AMBS staff will review the matter and take proper steps to investigate, stop, prevent, and remedy prohibited conduct in accordance with AMBS policies. Read the complete Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

If the report involves an AMBS student, contact the Title IX Coordinator at [email protected] If the report involves an AMBS employee or volunteer, contact one of the Title IX Coordinator Designees (Deanna Risser at [email protected] or Steve Norton at [email protected]). The coordinator will outline options, including the procedure for making a formal complaint, and options for notifying law enforcement authorities if desired. Reports can also be made through an online reporting form below.