Registrar – Transcript Request Form

To request an official transcript from AMBS, please use the Transcript Request button below. Emailed requests for transcripts are not accepted.

Expedited services are not available, and AMBS cannot fulfill requests to use other mail carriers.

Please complete a separate form for each transcript request by entering as much information in the online form as possible in order to help us identify your record in our student information database. Note: It is not required to complete all fields.

If you have difficulty submitting the Transcript Request Form or have questions, please contact Scott Janzen via email at [email protected] or by phone at 574-296-6213.

All transcript requests are free of charge (electronic or paper).

AMBS issues student transcripts after determining that all of the student’s past financial obligations to the seminary have been satisfied. Transcript requests are normally fulfilled within five (5) business days. In special cases and during busy periods, processing time may be longer. 

As of February 2021, AMBS has the capability of sending electronic official transcripts; it is the Registrar’s preferred method for issuing official transcripts since they are transferred instantly and are securely encrypted. If you have the option of sending an electronic official transcript to your recipient, please choose this method.

Unofficial transcripts: Current students and Populi users can also print an unofficial transcript PDF for themselves anytime in Populi (instructions here).

Electronic official transcripts (preferred)

In order to prevent unlawful tampering, AMBS will only send electronic official transcripts to the email address of a third party, and not to the student. Be sure to enter the email address correctly and to double-check it to verify accuracy. If you need to submit an official transcript along with other documentation as part of a packet, please request a paper copy.

Electronic official transcripts are sent electronically directly from our student information system to the email address of a third party. Transcripts are encrypted and password protected in a PDF format. The recipient will receive two emails: one with the encrypted transcript attachment and the other with the keycode required to open it.

Print-and-mail paper transcripts

Official paper transcripts can still be requested (to be sent to the student or a third party.) Official paper transcripts are printed on custom security paper and sent via the U.S. Postal Service to the mailing address provided in the form. Please enter the address exactly as it needs to appear on the envelope and double-check it to verify accuracy.

Transcripts destined outside the U.S. and Canada

We recommend that official transcripts ordered for destinations outside of the U.S. and Canada be electronic. Official paper transcripts are sent via the U.S. Postal Service, and delivery is not guaranteed.