AMBS Library adds to its undoing racism efforts

Published: July 16, 2020

By Karl Stutzman, M.L.S., Director of Library Services

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the AMBS Library is taking another practical step to resource the AMBS learning community for the work of confronting racism.

For the 2020–21 academic year, the library is committing 10 percent of its monograph acquisitions budget to purchase materials in the area of Intercultural Competence and Undoing Racism (ICUR). Librarians have invited Teaching Faculty members and AMBS ICUR Team members to join them in selecting print and electronic books for the library that take an intersectional and interdisciplinary approach to analyzing and resisting systems of oppression (e.g., White supremacy).

The library has already been collecting materials in this area (see for a list of recommendations), and we hope that this formal allocation of library funds will allow us to more deeply integrate this important work into our operations.

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