IMS and T&T Clark launch new book series

Published: March 19, 2020

The Institute of Mennonite Studies (IMS), Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary’s research agency, is collaborating with the historic British publisher T&T Clark to launch a new book series, Studies in Anabaptist Theology and Ethics.

Series editors Malinda Elizabeth Berry, Ph.D. (AMBS), and Paul Martens, Ph.D. (Baylor University), write that the series “is dedicated to displaying the vibrant global resurgence of theological reflection and praxis in and adjacent to the Anabaptist tradition.”

The first volume in the series, Recovering from the Anabaptist Vision: New Essays in Anabaptist Identity and Theological Method, edited by Laura Schmidt Roberts, Paul Martens and Myron A. Penner, is now available for purchase at the AMBS Bookstore. The second volume, Liberating the Politics of Jesus: Renewing Peace Theology through the Wisdom of Women, edited by Elizabeth Soto Albrecht and Darryl W. Stephens, is set to be released in September.

Kyle Gingerich Hiebert, director of the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre, writes that “the series will not only be of interest to the growing chorus of voices around the world interested in Anabaptist theology but will also serve as a tremendous resource for those not yet acquainted with its many diverse inflections.”

Studies in Anabaptist Theology and Ethics is the sixth book series published by IMS, joining Classics of the Radical Reformation, Studies in Peace and Scripture, and others.

David C. Cramer, Ph.D., IMS Managing Editor

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