In celebration of publishing

Published: May 28, 2020

By David C. Cramer, Ph.D., IMS Managing Editor

Although we cannot continue our 37-year tradition of gathering in person at AMBS to celebrate the scholarly achievements of members of our learning community in the last academic year, we are giving thanks remotely. Here are some highlights from our 2019–20 bibliography Celebration that we would have shared at our annual book celebration break hosted by the Institute of Mennonite Studies (IMS) and the Dean’s Office.

Books. We had a record number of books published this year (20!), thanks in part to the reissue (with new prefaces) of our Classics of the Radical Reformation series by Plough Publishing House. Even without accounting for the reissue, we saw new titles by current Teaching Faculty members Safwat Marzouk, Ph.D., and Drew Strait, Ph.D. We also saw the release of the first volume of IMS’s new Studies in Anabaptist Theology and Ethics series, for which Malinda Elizabeth Berry, Ph.D., serves as one of the series editors, and the release of the 16th volume of the Studies in Peace and Scripture (SPS) series, for which Ben Ollenburger, Ph.D., had served and Safwat Marzouk now serves as the Old Testament editor. The SPS book was Jesus, Deliver Us, which turned out to be the last book published by our dear Willard Swartley, Ph.D. Finally, Daniel S. Schipani published Camino de Sabiduría — Consejería: Cuidado Psico-espiritual in multiple Latin American countries.

Journals. Again, we had a record number (by my count) of journals published this year (11), which includes journals edited or guest edited by Malinda Berry (Vision); David C. Cramer, Ph.D. (Reflections, Vision); Andy Brubacher Kaethler, Ph.D. (Vision); Jamie Pitts, Ph.D. (Anabaptist Witness); and Drew Strait (Currents in Biblical Research). In addition, Beverly Lapp, Ed.D., and Jamie Pitts serve on the publishing committee of Mennonite Quarterly Review (MQR), and Malinda Berry is president of the Mennonite Historical Society, which is one of the co-publishers of MQR.

Articles, essays, and reviews. We had more than a dozen articles published, including some by current students. We continue to represent especially well in our denominational publications The Mennonite and Vision.

Public speaking. We presented academic papers, public lectures, and workshops everywhere from Elkhart, Goshen and South Bend to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Washington, DC, and San Diego to Cuba and the Netherlands! We were especially well represented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature in San Diego and at the joint Pastors and Leaders / Deep Faith conference and the Theology and Peacebuilding Consultation at AMBS.

Online publications. Thanks to our Marketing and Communications Team, we’ve been able to send out resources for “hope and resilience” to our constituency during this time of COVID-19 crisis. Other online publications by faculty, staff and students continue to extend the reach of the seminary far beyond our constituency as part of God's reconciling mission in the world.

Congratulations to AMBS faculty, staff and students on the fruits of your scholarly labors in 2019-20!

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