Author conversations | Tongue-Tied: Learning the Lost Art of Talking about Faith | Sara Wenger Shenk

Sara Wenger Shenk, EdD, AMBS President Emerita, joined the AMBS Library and Bookstore team for a conversation about her new book, Tongue-Tied: Learning the Lost Art of Talking about Faith (Herald Press, 2021).

In Tongue-Tied, theologian and former seminary president Sara Wenger Shenk investigates the reasons that people who claim the name of Christ are so reluctant to talk about him. Recovering an authentic vocabulary of faith—and learning to speak in trustworthy, captivating ways—is an urgent task for followers of Jesus today. In an era of dying churches, polarizing cultural arguments, and environmental and humanitarian crises, many people are longing for deep conversations about things that matter. We are longing for genuine spiritual connection with a just and loving God. By reflecting theologically on biblical wisdom and our shared humanness, Shenk calls readers to recover the winsome language of Christian faith.

Her book is available now through the AMBS Bookstore (or through many other outlets):

This conversation took place on Zoom on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.