Worship Materials for Congregations | Any time

These worship service elements in this series of 4 videos are based on the story of Jesus in the temple as a boy (Luke 2:41-52). They were originally made available for Epiphany, but the message of the sermon is broadly focused on the topic of faith formation, so they could be used at any time.

The worship elements we have prepared for this include:

  • a call to worship that can be done by one voice, two voices, or more.
  • a song, “Jesus, we are here” (Sing the Journey #6), sung in several languages by AMBS students
  • a prayer
  • a presentation of Luke 2:41-52 by Janeen Bertsche Johnson, Director of Campus Ministries
  • a sermon by AMBS President David Boshart that is based on the encounter of Jesus with temple leaders at age 12. The sermon speaks to the essential work of every congregation to create spaces where faith formation and vocational call of young and old alike are explored.
  • a closing song, “The Lord lift you up” (Sing the Journey #73), sung by AMBS employees

The included videos are:

  1. Jesus We Are Here (Jesu tawa pano)
  2. Scripture Reading: Luke 2:41-52
  3. Sermon: “Creating Space for the Important Questions”
  4. The Lord Lift You Up