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AMBS is steeped in a centuries-old Anabaptist peace tradition.

Incoming students visit the Kelby Love Violence Intervention Project mural on the corner of Prairie and Main streets in Elkhart, Indiana. Credit: Peter Ringenberg

We empower students for creative, transformative and holistic Christian leadership.

Join our global learning community and:

Image: Incoming students visit the Kelby Love Violence Intervention Project mural in Elkhart, Indiana. (Credit: Peter Ringenberg)

New scholarships available!

AMBS offers generous need-based financial aid, grants and scholarships to help make your education affordable. New scholarships include the Multicultural Church Scholarship, the MDiv Connect Student Scholarship, and the Ecumenical Student Scholarship.

How do you work with conflict in your congregation?

Anabaptist Short Course: Transforming Congregational Conflict and Communication

Explore ways to build congregational cultures that nurture the tender balance between honesty and kindness with instructor Betty Pries, C.Med., Ph.D. This discussion-based online noncredit course lasts six weeks and includes an optional video conversation each week. No grades and no papers!

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Join a Semester Two course (Jan – April 2021)

► Choose from courses such as Anabaptist Approaches to Scripture (online), Biblical Spirituality (videoconference), Proclaiming the Faith (online), Human Sexuality and Christian Ethics (videoconference), and many more!

► Nonadmitted students receive 50% off their first course for credit.

Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism


Explore our fully online and hybrid options

Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism (fully online): Integrate knowledge of and formation in the Anabaptist tradition with service in your current and future communities.

Master of Divinity Connect (hybrid): Develop your skills for ministry while remaining in your context and with two annual weeklong visits to campus. (Residency requirements are currently being waived during COVID-19.)

Environmental Sustainability Leadership concentration


Study creation care, formation and more

► Take a concentration in Environmental Sustainability Leadership with our Master of Arts: Theology and Peace Studies or Master of Divinity Campus program.

Master of Arts in Christian Formation: Develop your gifts for leading ministries of personal and congregational formation in positions beyond lead or solo pastor.

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Enrollment and Financial Aid Specialist
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