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AMBS provides skills for church and business leaders around the globe, on campus and online.

As a Christian professional, I practiced finance and organizational consultancy work with churches and faith-based organizations for more than 20 years. My work experience revealed that several of these organizations faced leadership and integrity challenges. This awareness informs my passionate desire to facilitate leadership education centered in Christ's peace for Anabaptist communities in the Africa region. AMBS's academic programs are rooted in the biblical word and are quite responsive to the most common ministry challenges in the 21st-century postmodern world.

— Patrick James Obonde of Nairobi, Kenya, a Master of Arts: Theology and Peace Studies student


Seminary study enriches the work of Mennonite and other denominations’ church agencies.

As a full-time employee for Mennonite Mission Network, I've found that my studies at AMBS have helped me to engage with pastors, church leaders and congregations at a deeper level. My studies have also helped me to grow in my knowledge of theology, the Church and more specifically, the Anabaptist tradition. Being able to study while working has enriched my work immediately by giving me tools that help me to engage with pastors theologically and pastorally.

Marisa Smucker of Elkhart, Indiana, a Master of Arts in Christian Formation student


Seminary study offers opportunities to move from unfulfilling jobs to ministry roles.

I decided to apply to AMBS as I was discerning what it would look like to leave a profession in which I was feeling unfulfilled. I was looking for something that would connect to my faith on a day-to-day basis and allow me to play a larger role in a faith community during the week. In the year that I’ve been a student at AMBS, the classes I’ve taken have helped me wrestle with what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus. I have found the theological language to continue to make sense of what God is calling me and my community to do.

Ben Parker Sutter of Kansas City, Kansas, a Master of Divinity: Theological Studies: History, Theology and Ethics student


MDiv Connect provides opportunities for those who are hearing God’s whisper to test out their call, regardless of how far they live from campus.

I started studying at AMBS as a part-time Connect student. This allowed me to test out seminary while also applying what I was learning to my part-time work with youth in the church. As I grew to enjoy seminary classes, I began taking more of them and realized I would have a completely different experience on campus. I am now a full-time student on campus, and I'm thankful to have had both of these different experiences. I needed the Connect program to get my foot in the door at seminary and to realize that this is the road God has called me to be on. Three years ago, I was not ready to call myself a seminary student; now I am ready to be called a seminary student as I challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and ask the hard questions.

— Renee Reimer of North Newton, Kansas, a Master of Divinity: Christian Faith Formation student


In this season of giving, please consider supporting our Christian leaders who are spreading the light of Jesus throughout the world in a distinctive Anabaptist way!