Cruisetour visits Turkey and Greece

Published: June 26, 2013

Mary E. Klassen

"I wakened early, before our ship arrived in Istanbul, before the sun rose," Mary Lehman Yoder wrote about the June 21 experiences on the Mediterranean Cruisetour.

Mary included this reflection about worship spaces:

"Our guide said, ‘For Christians, a church is a house for God, but for Muslims a mosque is a house for prayer in the name of God.’ Hmm … and for Anabaptists a church building is the place where the people of God meet. In this way, Anabaptists historically have been closer to Muslims than some other parts of the Christian church. Yet, even we Anabaptists have learned that we need some times and places that are holy so that we know that all times and places are holy. And a building—or even a cave or a bridge—is changed when prayer is made there over decades, centuries, millennia. All this stretches my imagination, my intellect, my heart and soul."

Read more of Mary’s reflections and what each daily scribe has found interesting and valuable as they visit the places where the Apostle Paul live and worked.

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